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Majlis Cleaning

Ready Maids cleaning services is the leading cleaning Services Company in the UAE. We have highly trained and experienced cleaning experts in the town. We provide high-quality services using eco-friendly products.

Having clean majlis will always have a freshness around. Our experts will ensure to have stain-free carpets and majlis sets. The edge cutting techniques we use will make sure to eliminate all the germs and bacteria, odors, and stains from the carpets and majlis sets and chairs.


Majlis is an area where most of the families use for welcoming and socializing with their guests. Be it before Ramadan or After Ramadan majlis has been a major part of most of the homes, from greeting guests to serving food and spending time for long chats.


It’s very important to have majlis cleaned very often due to regular usage. Only Vacuuming alone is not sufficient for cleaning, no matter how many times you run over in your home, it will never clean your carpets completely. Get the cleaning done by our experts and keep your majlis away from the accumulation of bacteria and parasites because a clean home is always a happy home.


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